At 1-Answer Analytics, we can help your business grow through data management and the Microsoft tool POWER BI. There are many ways our skills can help you gain more insight from your data. Here are three specific ways:

A) POWER BI EXPERTS – Do you need consultants who can develop easy to understand dashboards for you to gain actionable insight? 1-Answer can build the custom dashboards you need through our consulting services.

Low, Competitive Rates – Faster Development – Customer Friendly

B) DATA LAKE – In this Information Age, sometimes the amount of data can be unwieldy and unmanageable. If you have too much data and not enough insight, let 1-Answer develop a Data Lake to retain all of your different data streams written in different formats.

Your Information Connected – You Gain Insights to Take Action

C) DE-DUPLICATION – If your business is blessed to have tens of thousands of customers, you will have duplicate information in your data banks. When you need to know which John Smith needs what and that you have all the information on that John Smith, you know your records are accurate. 1-Answer can quickly and effectively diminish your data duplicates.

Accurate Client Information – Security Compliant – Quick and Cost Effective

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