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Healthcare needs better data analytics that can come from Power BI.
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1-Answer specializes in the Healthcare Industry.

Healthcare Professionals can gain actionable insights on their businesses faster, easier, and with greater clarity with the tools, skills and experience we can provide.

We can save Healthcare Companies TIME & MONEY!

1) We have Pre-built Healthcare Data Models

  • Our work meets all government regulations on Patient Privacy
  • Our models solve many common government reporting, operations and executive needs and integrates with Epic, Cerner, NextGen, EMA, etc.
  • We have worked with Healthcare Facilities, Healthcare Insurance Companies, and Medical Device Companies.

2) We have a Patient & Provider De-duplication Solution

  • It is imperative in Healthcare to have the entire Medical Records of a patient, and not to confuse patients with same names. De-duplication gives you ONE record for ONE patient.
  • Other processes to reduce duplication of records are costly, and can take months. We can do it in weeks. Our proprietary process is faster than current solutions which require large amounts of human resources. (See video and information on De-Duplication page).
Power BI can help healthcare data analytics be more proficient.
Power BI for Healthcare
Having the right data analytics from Power BI can help compare data.
Compare & Contrast Data

Solution Accelerators

  • Pre-existing templates that are Healthcare specific for Providers, Payers, and Patients reduces development time.
  • Code Set Manager incorporates all major code sets (ICD10, LOINC, etc.) with your data.
  • Reduce duplicate records. Pre-built deduplicating modules for merging Provider Records with Patient Records creates a golden record.

3) We are experts in Power BI

  • Medical information/data comes from numerous sources, written in different computer languages. We can place all that data into one adaptable dashboard.
  • For example: An executive with physician co-operative needs to read daily patient counts, discharges, insurance payments, Medicare/Medicaid payments, and national/regional trends on specific maladies. In the past, an executive would need to read reports from 4-5 sources. We can place all of this information into beautiful charts, graphs and visualizations on a dashboard where you can easily and quickly change filters (through a “slicer”) to learn the different permutations of these data streams. Compare and Contrast in a dash.
  • We Have Affordable Templates To Make Your Data Queries Stream Faster With More Options. Better data insight improves medical outcomes, reduces costs, and pro-actively protects. Using existing automation, your complex disparate data can be integrated into the Enterprise Data Warehouse in days instead of weeks allowing more time for analysis and informed decisions. In Healthcare, time matters!
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