The ability to eliminate duplicate patient records is needed in Healthcare. You want your Healthcare Providers to have yours, only yours, and ALL of your medical records. (This is a good idea in other businesses as well.)

1-Answer has a proprietary process that can dramatically diminish duplicate data quicker, easier and for a lower cost than others in this business.

Why You Need De-Duplication
Medical Records should not have duplications. Data analytics to reduce duplications through Power BI.
So Many Names But Only One Angelina

How does our De-Duplication Solution work?

There are many identifiers of a person. Some attributes change, some do not. Our proprietary algorithm looks at TEN identifiers using A.I. reasoning to know which identifiers may have been changed, and which do not change. It can merge records deemed as duplicates. It flags any record that it can not determine the duplication status for human eyes to judge. The process is more complicated but that is quick understanding.

Each Healthcare business is different, but we can do an average hospital’s patient records in under two weeks and for less than $10,000. Many hospitals spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months to eliminate and merge duplicate records. Call 407-534-7464 to receive an estimate today!

Diminish your duplicate medical records with data analytics through Power BI.
Are there duplicates in your records?

Other industries, such as Universities, National Retailers, Charities, and E-Commerce will also have many duplicates in their customer records. It is a costly waste of resources to message one former customer multiple times because of duplicate records. Let us De-duplicate your records to save your team time and money.