BI Accelerator

1-Answer can help you go up to 75% FASTER!

Why you need BI ACCELERATOR:

Connect to any data source. Merge complex disconnected data quickly to create a single source of truth for your analytical and operational questions.

Rapidly build data models using a variety of industry-standard architectures including physical and virtual Data Lakes, Data Vault 2.0, Relational 3NF, and Dimensional Models.

Standardize data anomalies and deduplicate data to provide more accurate enterprise level reporting.

Dedicate more time to meaningful analytics by utilizing our robust & dynamic infrastructure empowering you to make faster and more effective data-driven decisions.

Using Data Lake to have better data analytics with the help of Power BI.

BI Accelerator accelerates each part of the SDLC

The BI Accelerator automates and accelerates your software development cycle (SDLC) by up to 75%

Manage your data in a Data Lake for better data analytics.
Use the tools for better data analytics through Power BI.

1-Answer has a proprietary process, our BI ACCELERATOR which will increase development of Dashboards that provide your team needed Data. Because of our experience in Healthcare, our development process for this vertical, can be 75% faster.