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DWA Community Partner Edition



DWA Enterprise

Discover Explore Modeling Approaches With Multiple Solutions

  • Data Lake, Kimball Mart, Inmon CIF, Hybrid, and Data Vault
Online Data Sources Only Unlimited Unlimited
Data discovery with Integrated Data Profiling Up to 10 Data Sources Unlimited Unlimited
Design SSIS Templates for each Modeling Approach Included Included
Solution Accelerators for specific industries

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Insurance Payers
  • Patients
Visually Map Source to Target and specify ETL rules Up to 10 mappings per week Unlimited Unlimited
Develop Autogenerate SSIS Packages:

  • Use either prebuilt SSIS Templates or Parse your own SSIS packages into BI xml template
  • Generate new packages from mapping based on BI xml template
Limited to 10 / Day Unlimited Unlimited
Auditing/Control tables provide data traceability Included Included Included
Custom SSIS Components Included Included
Master Data Management Included
Multi-Level Duplicate Detection & Merging of People (Providers, Patients, etc.) Included
Standardization of Address/Geocoding Included
Test Integrated testing of many common scenarios Included Included Included
Filter by Top 10000 rows of all data sets to quickly test all packages Included Included Included
Generates test data with full variation possible based on business logic and data boundaries Included Included Included
Deploy Build and Deploy Autogenerated Packages to your SQL Server environment through the Web UI or Visual Studio Included Included Included

To encourage all members of the Business Intelligence Community to try our product, 1-Answer provides the community partner edition as a free edition of DWA with limited capability. It is available to people that want to explore and promote our product without paying for it initially. In exchange, these partners actively spreading the word in the community about the benefits of DWA and/or work with 1-Answer about enhancement ideas or issues they experience. Users can maintain and gain different levels of access with the tool based on their level of involvement.

The community partner edition is meant to give you an idea of the power of using DWA. You need DWA Pro to leverage more of the core power including the use of our pre-defined templates for each of the modeling approaches which require our custom SSIS components. If you have more advanced needs like De-duplication, Standardization of Addresses or want to leverage our pre-built data models for the various aspects of the healthcare industry, you should consider DWA Enterprise.