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1-Answer automates and accelerates the data warehouse development cycle by up to 75%, while assuring quality and consistency.

Discovery Phase

Identify Business Requirements

1-Answer Team MeetingDuring the initial phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) we conduct meetings, webinars, and interviews with the sponsor, key stakeholders and eventual system users. This phase is meant to dig deep into the details of what is important to a client’s business, target audience, and industry. Once we feel comfortable that we completely understand the tasks at hand, we move to define the scope of the project and agreement deliverable.

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Integrated data profiling
  • Accelerates data discovery
  • Focuses on data with analytics potential
Define design strategy
  • Prebuilt strategies for Kimball, Inmon, Hybrid DWA Recommended Approach, and Data Vault
Analyze existing logic
  • Parse SQL to get used columns and tables
Design Phase

Develop Technical Design

Data WarehouseTechnical design requirements are prepared in this phase. The Business Requirements are used to define the solution accelerators. Data models are design at each layer (starting with pre-built designs).
Technical requirements will detail database tables to be added, new transactions to be defined, security processes and hardware and system requirements.

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Solution Accelerators for data models
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Insurance Payers
  • Patients
Design data model at each layer starting with prebuilt designs
  • Historical Data Lake
  • Relational Model
  • Dimensional Model
Map data at each layer
  • Map Source to Target with ETL rules
Develop Phase

Systems built and code written

Business Intelligence
1-Answer Solution accelerators are ready-to-use business intelligence components that help you develop your custom data warehouse quicker. The components act as a building block for your custom SSIS components.
During this phase ETL code is auto-generated to populate and load data warehouses.

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Solution Accelerators
  • Auditing / Control tables provide data traceability
  • Custom SSIS Components
  • Code Set Manager with Classifications (ICD10, LOINC, etc.)
  • Master Data Management
  • Standardization (Person Name, NPI, Codes, Address/Geocoding, etc.)
  • Configurable rule based Duplicate Detection / Merging
Auto-generate ETL
  • Prebuilt SSIS templates or Parse existing SSIS package into BI xml template
  • Multiple prebuilt options for handling Type I and 2 SCD
  • Generate new packages from mapping based on BI XML template
Testing Phase

Validate product with client/customer

Data Warehouse Testing
Testing and managing errors in ETL is central to the design of 1-Answer processes. Our automation strategy has measures for preventing and responding to errors, including detailed error logging.
The Unit Test Helper generates test data with full variation possibilities based on business logic and data boundaries.

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ETL Templates provide robust error handling
  • Log execution details and row counts (inserted, updated, deleted)
  • Log error info
  • Log Error Rows to common table in XML
Unit Test Helper
  • Generates test data with full variation possible based on business logic and data boundaries
Deployment Phase

Reduce Iterations


The objective of the data warehouse is to provide you with a fast and accurate answer! How can it do that if it takes years to build it? According to Gartner, the failure rate for new BI initiatives to meet enterprise objectives is 70 percent. Why is this percentage so high?

1-Answer delivers automation of the entire life cycle of a data warehouse, from source system analysis to testing to documentation. This helps improve productivity, reduce cost, and improve overall quality of data analytics and business intelligence.

Starting with a well thought out ETL template and doing thorough testing reduces the possibility of multiple deployment cycles involving rework.

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Leverage our pre-built data models to analyze data from patients, providers and payers.Provide state of art custom designs that follow standard data warehouse strategies, fit your needs and take your decision making to another level.


Carefully study and understand your needs and requirements and take on building a data warehouse from ground up that will answer all your business questions and help clarify your vision.


Build robust framework around your data warehouse for auditing, error handling and better control.


Simplify complexity and facilitate communication and integration between systems using industry standard formats such as EDI and HL7.


Streamline processes and implement measures and data governance rules, that will ensure a high quality of data for better reporting.


Implement proven tactics that promote growth and stability, think outside the box, augment your team and put them on the road to success.

What does 1-Answer do?

At 1-Answer we are passionate about empowering healthcare with answers.

Data Warehouse Accelerator (DWA) is our innovative solution to change the perspective of building data warehouses. DWA  automates labor intensive Enterprise Data Warehouse development giving more time to focus on meaningful analytics using reporting tools like Qlik & Tableau.

Stay ahead of changes and deadlines
Our product suite allows our customers to stay ahead of the ever changing demands and requirements and yet meet the deadlines. We are making it possible to our customers to be able to quickly leverage all cutting edge visualization tools and technologies by empowering them with a robust and dynamic infrastructure in no time.

Data Warehouse Accelerator key features are:

  • Reduces Discovery, Architecture and Data Preparation development time by 75%
  • Data Quality Tools (MDM deduplication of providers/patients & Code Standardization)
  • Robust Unit Test to proactively test all possible data condition
  • Customizable Pre-Built Healthcare Data Models with Dashboards